Mens Health Issues

Information for Men’s Health

Here is a comprehensive suite of education programs designed to meet the needs of busy health professionals.

We are constantly releasing a range of programs for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Register now, being sure to subscribe to the E-newsletter to keep you updated as new education becomes available.

  • Men’sHealth – a suite of educational programs for GPs, pharmacists and others primary health care clinicians, accredited by Colleges and peak bodies in Australia. (Educators versions and site licences available)
  • SoftMeds – a suite of educational programs for clinicians working in health service providers and large organisations covering quality, EBM, risk and patient safety
  • Specific short courses and clinical training modules developed and delivered in conjunction with clinical peak bodies, health service employers and universities.
  • Lifelong learning portfolios, learning planners and HR systems to support intentional learning and learning tracking and reporting for individual health professionals and their supervisors, Colleges and/or employers.

To purchase any of the above programs for your staff, contact for more information about viagra online call our office.