Tedalafil is the generic name of the ED medication Cialis

Because it lasts for so long is has become known as “the Weekend Pill”


Larry Johnson2 months ago

It’s easy to buy without a prescription at Saferonlinepharmacy(.com) 
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Josh Bowen7 months ago

Mother Nature says don’t Fuck,.A pill from a lab is fraud boner.
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Drew Tiss6 months ago

I’m only 45 but had been suffering occasional issues with not getting or keeping an erection and it was becoming an issue. As any man knows…Once you think too much about how important it is to get the erection, it’s not going to stay or happen! Doctor recommended trying Prolargent5X5 Extreme to get back into the swing of it after the usual checks.I popped in it anyhow at the end of a meal out and gave myself the recommended 1 hour. Amazing results, lasted 30 mins on this! Poor wife had to take a breather halfway but she loved it! 
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Leonard Stetz2 months ago

Take off your chlothes
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Daven Howard2 months ago

Fx48solutions pills Great Product!! I highly recommend it! It works!!
1 pill takes about 30 minutes to kick in, but last 2-3 days. The best thing dont need a presciption!!
NO side affects!! It also feels alot “healthier” in the body to, Viagra felt wierd in my body like I had taken medication.
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Play time3 months ago

Very informative
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liquidblue1 year ago

my husband has never had a problem with erection , why does he have cialis hidden in the closet ? 
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liquidblue11 months ago

Yes I do hear you , I didnt know for sometime then I came across it and asked and we had a discussion about it . That was some time ago . we have not had sex for the longest , longest , so why is his prescription renewed and he is using it because I have ben back to check and he is taking it and we are not having sex , dont even really kiss .